About me

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For those who still don’t know me personally  why not changing it? there is one thing you should all know (or maybe you know already if it’s not the first page you read on this blog). I define myself as a woman of passion. Yes, that’s the fact, I am a traveller, artist, writer and generally a „man of renaissance”. But it is not really important what exactly do I do to entertain myself. What I hate the most is boredom and routine so my life goal is just… not to stop doing amazing things I’ve never done before.

That is why I started to travel. It destroyed my life routine and broke my never ending  boredom because it let me live another adventure again and again. I never had enough funds of this and I don’t think I ever will.

If I have to define myself in two adjectives I would say : adventerous and passionate. Because everything I do is a passion and my life is a constant seeking of a new adventure. My blog is than a chronicle of all those adventures which are featured on this pages to let you live them with me.

What is the main goal of this blog is not to show people where they can travel on budget or to see amazing views. I want to share with you all my experience I got and discoveries I did during my journeys. There will be a lot of sociology also because what I find one of the most valuable thing during travelling is learning about all of those crazy amazing nations which are so different and so new for me.

If you read (or have read my posts already) you will probably see that I can be a bit too strict, a bit too sarcastic, or a bit too passionated everybody has its defect right? sometimes. But everything I write is to let all my readers learn new, amazing things they didn’t know before, to entertain them, to make them jealous  encourage them to just go places and… the most important – to teach them how to make what they do a passion. My life philosophy is that the source of  happiness in your life are nothing but your passions. If you feel like everything you do is just averagely entartaining wake up and tell us about your problem I am here to make you understand that it is to you, nobody else, to change what you do into the passion and I will be super a bit biased telling, that there is no better thing to make it your passion that travelling.

How did I start to travel, what is travelling for me, what I find interesting, what fascinates me… all of this you I try to express on my blog. So I bring you inspiration and ideas, my experience and discoveries, my knowledge and passion… I bring you POLISH GIRL TRAVELS THE WORLD.