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(UN)usual views of Norway

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Norway is the country widely promoted online mostly by breathtaking photos and amazing views. I’m not even going to try to compete with all famous photographers who has already published better photos than I will ever do in my life. It’s definitely not a reason for which I decided to share with you my modest photographic achievement.

I’m not going to to concentrate on the beauty of a view from the this or another top. I would rather put attention to one particular evenement which I found extremely interesting and extraordinary.

What is this real evenement of life of Norwegian people? And their undoubted wealth is not what I mean. What is really worth attention is that “norwegian beauty” is not “hidden” (as in majority of the countries) in particular place which has been presented by the professional photographer in one of his breathtaking photos (classics:  view from the top of the mountain or sunrise on the beach). Norwegian beauty is what you see when you go out on the balcony or when you wake up in the morning and turn your eyes to the window.

I decided to share it because this is the real reason why I felt in love with Norway – it’s the only place which I have seen by now where the reality is more beautiful than photos on google images.

  1. Photos below have been taken while walking in one of the residential area of norwegian city Stavanger









Platform with few boats in a residental area


2. I took the following series of photos on a short walk, just a few minutes away from our house, located in the suburbs of the city.


A small beach just near to our house




An abandoned house for a boat


View from a house hall


3. The photos below have been taken on a trip to „mountains” (well, I would rather say small hills) located not more than 20 minutes away from the city. It is a popular direction of school trips for norwegian children







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  1. Wow lovely photos! Norway is one of the top places on my bucket list actually! I really want to visit the fjords of Norway 😀 Awesome article!

    1. Thank you for this! 🙂 Yes, I understand you totally. I’ve also dreamed to visit Norway for years 🙂 It’s worth it surely, although consider that you will need really a lot of money there. It’s extremely expensive.

    1. Exactly! That’s why for me the most breath taking picture is this one taken through the window of living room not from the top of the fjord 😀

  2. Stunning photograph! They really tell a story, don’t they? I looks so peaceful and inviting – I’m sure you feel deserted staying in such a lovely place

  3. Lovely pictures! Be proud of your achievements’ girl, you’re every bit as good as the so called bigwigs. I hope I get to Norway someday!

    1. Thanks Natasha 😀 I would recommend to everyone to put Norway on the top of their bucket list 😀 Even if it’s terribly expensive, it’s really worth it !

  4. Nice photos! I actually havenn’t heard all that much about Norway or know that many people who have been there – so it is great to read about it. Hopefully will make it there in the next year. Thanks for sharing :).

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